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Issue 6

Theme issue: Global borders
Guest editor: Chris Rumford

Guest editorial

Global Borders: an introduction to the special issue 951 – 956
Chris Rumford

Human blacklisting: the global apartheid of the EU’s external border regime 957 – 976
Henk van Houtum

The International Organization for Migration and the international government of borders 977 – 999
Rutvica Andrijasevic, William Walters

The Rabelaisian border 1000 – 1014
Olivier Thomas Kramsch

Reframing Europe and the global: conceptualizing the border in cultural encounters 1015 – 1030
Maria Rovisco

From a ‘borderless world’ to a ‘world of borders’: ‘bringing history back in’ 1031 – 1050
Liam O’Dowd

The political psychology of (de)securitization: place-making strategies in Denmark, Sweden, and Canada 1051 – 1070
Catarina Kinnvall, Paul Nesbitt-Larking

The UK border security continuum: virtual biopolitics and the simulation of the sovereign ban 1071 – 1083
Nick Vaughan-Williams

The ‘border within’ : inhabiting the border in Trieste 1084 – 1105
Luiza Bialasiewicz, Claudio Minca

Review essays

A Sisyphean task: deconstructing border theory and foreign policy. A review of Bulley’s Ethics as Foreign Policy and Vaughan-Williams’s ”Border Politics” 1106 – 1115
Virginie Mamadouh

Lost in paradise: the strange case of Diego Garcia. Review essay: A review of Vine’s Island of Shame, and Sand’s United States and Britain in Diego Garcia 1116 – 1122
Can E Mutlu

Reviews 1123 – 1132
Jeffrey on Featherstone: Resistance, space and political identities: the making of counter-global networks
Herod on Mann: Our daily bread: wages, workers, and the political economy of the American West
Crampton on Dillon, Neal (Eds): Foucault on politics, security and war
Brigstocke on Stiegler: Technics and time 2: disorientation
Rowan on Heller-Roazen: The enemy of all: piracy and the law of nations