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Issue 2

Introduction to Henri Lefebvre’s “Dissolving city, planetary metamorphosis” 199 – 202
David Wachsmuth, Neil Brenner
Open Access Creative Commons License

Dissolving city, planetary metamorphosis 203 – 205
Henri Lefebvre
Open Access Creative Commons License

Self-reliance beyond neoliberalism: rethinking autonomy at the edges of empire 206 – 222
Karen Hébert, Diana Mincyte

Gendering fashion, fashioning fur: on the (re)production of a gendered labor market within a craft industry in transition 223 – 239
Norma M Rantisi

Agency, affect, and the immunological politics of disaster resilience 240 – 256
Kevin Grove

Biodiversity, purity, and death: conservation biology as biopolitics 257 – 273
Christine Biermann, Becky Mansfield

Liveability and urban architectures: mol(ecul)ar biopower and the ‘becoming lively’ of sustainable communities 274 – 292
Peter Kraftl

The global as a field: children’s rights advocacy as a transnational practice 293 – 309
Jouni Häkli, Kirsi Pauliina Kallio

Street renaming, symbolic capital, and resistance in Durban, South Africa 310 – 328
James Duminy

Diving with Donna Haraway and the promise of a blue planet 329 – 341
Felicity Picken, Tristan Ferguson

The right to infrastructure: a prototype for open source urbanism 342 – 362
Alberto Corsín Jiménez

Botanical decolonization: rethinking native plants 363 – 380
Tomaz Mastnak, Julia Elyachar, Tom Boellstorff