Volume 33  

Issue 1

Referees 1 – 3

Living with omega-3: new materialism and enduring concerns 4 – 19
Sebastian Abrahamsson, Filippo Bertoni, Annemarie Mol, Rebeca Ibáñez Martín

Performing expertise in human–animal relationships: performative instability and the role of counterperformance 20 – 34
Nora Schuurman, Alex Franklin

The biopolitical production of the city: urban political ecology in the age of immaterial labour 35 – 51
Martín Arboleda

Cultural activism, hegemony, and the search for urban autonomy in the city of Puebla, Mexico 52 – 66
Eduardo González Castillo, Patricia M Martin

From toxic wreck to crunchy chic: environmental gentrification through the body 67 – 83
Leslie Kern
Open Access until 28th April 2015 Creative Commons License

Borders, one-dimensionality, and illusion in the war on drugs 84 – 100
Margath A Walker

The emergence of iBorder: bordering bodies, networks, and machines 101 – 118
Holger Pötzsch
Open Access until 6th April 2015 Creative Commons License

The diaspora within: Himalayan youth, education-driven migration, and future aspirations in India 119 – 135
Sara H Smith, Mabel Gergan

Governing through civil society? The making of a post-Soviet political subject in Ukraine 136 – 153
Alexander Vorbrugg

The bunker and the camp: inside West Germany’s nuclear tomb 154 – 168
Ian Klinke

Militarized spaces and open range: Piñon Canyon and (counter)cartographies of rural resistance 169 – 184
David G Havlick, Eric Perramond

Review essay

From hinterland to the global: new books on historical and political understandings of territory 185 – 190
Stuart Elden