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Issue 6


Editorial board changes 951 – 952
Andrew Jordan, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

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Revisiting … Spatial planning, devolution, and new planning spaces 953 – 957
Phil Allmendinger, Graham Haughton

Theme issue: Governing sustainability: Rio 2012 and the road beyond
Guest editors: Harriet Bulkeley, Andrew Jordan, Richard Perkins, Henrik Selin

Governing sustainability: Rio+20 and the road beyond 958 – 970
Harriet Bulkeley, Andrew Jordan, Richard Perkins, Henrik Selin
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The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development: forty years in the making 971 – 987
Björn-Ola Linnér, Henrik Selin

Reaching the limits? Developed country engagement with sustainable development in a challenging conjuncture 988 – 1002
James Meadowcroft

Sustainable development and the making and unmaking of a developing world 1003 – 1022
Richard Perkins

Editors' choice

The green economy and sustainable development: an uneasy balance? 1023 – 1047
Olivia Bina

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Scalar politics and local sustainability: rethinking governance and justice in an era of political and environmental change 1048 – 1062
Mary Lawhon, Zarina Patel

Innovation politics post-Rio+20: hybrid pathways to sustainability? 1063 – 1081
Adrian Ely, Adrian Smith, Andy Stirling, Melissa Leach, Ian Scoones

‘Weak’ or ‘strong’ sustainable consumption? Efficiency, degrowth, and the 10 Year Framework of Programmes 1082 – 1098
Kersty Hobson

Curtain down and nothing settled: global sustainability governance after the ‘Rio+20’ Earth Summit 1099 – 1114
Frank Biermann

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From ivory tower to living lab: accelerating the use­­ of university knowledge 1115 – 1132
Marina van Geenhuizen

Delivering local plans: recognising the bounded interests of local planners within spatial planning 1133 – 1146
Alan Mace

Reviews 1147 – 1148
Childs on Hogl, Kvarda, Nordbeck, Pregernig (Eds): Environmental governance: the challenge of legitimacy and effectiveness
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