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Issue 4

Announcement: Winner of the Bennett Prize 555

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Theme issue: Between public and private? Governing global environmental issues transnationally
Guest editor: Harriet Bulkeley

Guest editorial

Transnational environmental governance: new findings and emerging research agendas 556 – 570
Harriet Bulkeley, Andy Jordan

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Editors' choice

The transnational regime complex for climate change 571 – 590
Kenneth W Abbott

Governing climate change transnationally: assessing the evidence from a database of sixty initiatives 591 – 612
Harriet Bulkeley, Liliana Andonova, Karin Bäckstrand, Michele Betsill, Daniel Compagnon, Rosaleen Duffy, Ans Kolk, Matthew Hoffmann, David Levy, Peter Newell, Tori Milledge, Matthew Paterson, Philipp Pattberg, Stacy VanDeveer

How climate change became a business risk: analyzing nonstate agency in global climate politics 613 – 626
Philipp Pattberg

Transnational publicprivate partnerships’ performance in water governance: institutional design matters 627 – 642
Marianne Beisheim, Sabine Campe

Building environmental governance in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Europeanisation and transnational assistance in the context of limited statehood 643 – 657
Adam Fagan

Disrupting the public–private distinction: excavating the government of carbon markets post-Copenhagen 658 – 674
Eva Lövbrand, Johannes Stripple

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Privatization and intermunicipal contracting: the US local government experience 1992–2007 675 – 692
Amir Hefetz, Mildred E Warner, Eran Vigoda-Gadot

Popular perception of urban transformation through megaevents: understanding support for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi 693 – 711
Martin Müller

Community development corporations, policy networks, and the rescaling of community development advocacy 712 – 729
Corianne Payton Scally

Shallow or deep Europeanisation? The uneven impact of EU cohesion policy on the regional and local authorities in Poland 730 – 745
Marcin Dąbrowski

Reviews 746 – 760
Calel on Kenworthy: Progress for the poor
Jeffery on Brown: Walled states, waning sovereignty
Laing on Bennett: The international handbook on non-market environmental valuation
van den Burg on Dauvergne, Lister: Timber
Roman on Sweeney, Dobson, Despota, Zinnbauer: Global corruption report: climate change
Erdal on Kunz: The political economy of global remittances: gender, governmentality and neoliberalism
van der Linden on Doyle: Mediating climate change
Calel on Meckling: Carbon coalitions: business, climate politics, and the rise of emissions trading
Temelová on Haase, Steinführer, Kabisch, Grossmann, Hall: Residential change and demographic challenge: the inner city of East Central Europe in the 21stcentury
Greaves on Bennett: Local business voice: the history of chambers of commerce in Britain, Ireland, and revolutionary America
Street on Taylor: Public policy in the community

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