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Issue 3

Editors' choice

Growing grassroots innovations: exploring the role of community-based initiatives in governing sustainable energy transitions 381 – 400
Gill Seyfang, Alex Haxeltine

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Proceeding in parallel or drifting apart? A systematic review of policy appraisal research and practices 401 – 415
Camilla Adelle, Andrew Jordan, John Turnpenny

Policy conflict and the feasibility of water pollution trading programs in the Tai Lake Basin, China 416 – 428
Yongliang Zhang, Bing Zhang, Jun Bi

Achievements and opportunities in initiating governance for urban sustainability 429 – 447
Riley Smith, Arnim Wiek

Who benefits and who loses from flood risk reduction? 448 – 466
Edmund C Penning-Rowsell, Joanna Pardoe

(Un)sustainable territories: causes of the speculative bubble in Spain (1996–2010) and its territorial, environmental, and sociopolitical consequences 467 – 486
Juan Romero, Fernando Jiménez, Manuel Villoria

A boundary organization and its changing environment: the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the MNP 487 – 503
Udo Pesch, Dave Huitema, Matthijs Hisschemöller

Ethnic minority business support in the West Midlands: challenges and developments 504 – 519
Monder Ram, Kiran Trehan, John Rouse, Kassa Woldesenbet, Trevor Jones

Creating 'a generation of NIMBYs'? Interpreting the role of the state in managing the politics of urban development 520 – 535
Andy Inch

Is regional planning dead or just coping? The transformation of a state sociospatial project into growth-oriented strategies 536 – 552
Daniel Galland

Review 553 – 554

H Elliot Forte Intervention: the battle for better business
Robert Bennett
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