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Issue 1

Theme issue: Devolution: excavating the political economic geographies of the United Kingdom
Guest editors: Mike Danson, Gordon MacLeod, Gerry Mooney

Guest editorial

Devolution and the shifting political economic geographies of the United Kingdom 1 – 9
Mike Danson, Gordon MacLeod, Gerry Mooney

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In search of the ‘economic dividend’ of devolution: spatial disparities, spatial economic policy, and decentralisation in the UK 10 – 28
Andy Pike, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, John Tomaney, Gianpiero Torrisi, Vassilis Tselios

Reconsidering the English question as a matter of democratic politics and spatial justice 29 – 45
Krisztina Varró

Devolution and the politics of development in Northern Ireland 46 – 61
Brendan Murtagh, Peter Shirlow

Competitive nationalism: state, class, and the forms of capital in devolved Scotland 62 – 77
Alex Law, Gerry Mooney

Editors' choice

Devolution, institutions, and organisations: changing models of regional development agencies 78 – 94
Mike Danson, Greg Lloyd

Making up a region: the rise and fall of the ‘South East of England’ as a political territory 95 – 108
Allan Cochrane

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Policy storylines in Indian climate politics: opening new political spaces? 109 – 127
Susannah Fisher

The determinants of science-based cluster growth: the case of nanotechnology 128 – 146
Vincent Mangematin, Khalid Errabi

From area-based initiatives to strategic partnerships: have we lost the meaning of regeneration? 147 – 161
Peter Matthews

The challenge of policy coordination for sustainable sociotechnical transitions: the case of the zero-carbon homes agenda in England 162 – 179
Dan Greenwood

Reviews 180 – 190
Morgan on DeSombre, Barkin: Fish
Zheng on Grafton, Hussey (Eds): Water resources planning and management
Hurrelmann on Enderlein, Wälti, Zürn (Eds): Handbook on multi-level governance
Tavoni on Cerdá, Labandeira (Eds): Climate change policies: global challenges and future prospects
Vicino on Hollander: Polluted and dangerous: America’s worst abandoned properties and what can be done about them
Laing on Bennett (Ed.): The international handbook on non-market environmental valuation

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Referees 2010 – 11 188 – 190

Issue 2

Editors' choice

Urban sustainability, conflict management, and the geographies of postpoliticism: a case study of Taipei 191 – 208
Mike Raco, Wen-I Lin

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Subsistence farming, incomes, and agricultural livelihoods in the new member states of the European Union 209 – 227
Sophia Davidova, Lena Fredriksson, Matthew Gorton, Plamen Mishev, Dan Petrovici

The effect of the notional interest deduction on the capital structure of Belgian SMEs 228 – 247
Katrien Kestens, Philippe Van Cauwenberge, Johan Christiaens

Citizen control and the efficiency of local public services 248 – 266
Núria Bosch, Marta Espasa, Toni Mora

The impact of EU structural funds on regional disparities within member states 267 – 281
Andreas P Kyriacou, Oriol Roca-Sagalés

From a fossil-fuel to a biobased economy: the politics of industrial biotechnology 282 – 296
Ben Richardson

Immigration and the economic health of Canadian cities 297 – 321
Laura A Reese

Assessing the relative health care spending needs of the UK’s devolved territories: a Scottish perspective 322 – 346
Rob Ball, David King, David Eiser

Peripherality and integration: industrial growth and decline in the Greek regions 347 – 361
George Petrakos, Georgios Fotopoulos, Dimitris Kallioras

Air pollution and business political influence in fifteen OECD countries 362 – 380
Patrick Bernhagen

Issue 3

Editors' choice

Growing grassroots innovations: exploring the role of community-based initiatives in governing sustainable energy transitions 381 – 400
Gill Seyfang, Alex Haxeltine

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Proceeding in parallel or drifting apart? A systematic review of policy appraisal research and practices 401 – 415
Camilla Adelle, Andrew Jordan, John Turnpenny

Policy conflict and the feasibility of water pollution trading programs in the Tai Lake Basin, China 416 – 428
Yongliang Zhang, Bing Zhang, Jun Bi

Achievements and opportunities in initiating governance for urban sustainability 429 – 447
Riley Smith, Arnim Wiek

Who benefits and who loses from flood risk reduction? 448 – 466
Edmund C Penning-Rowsell, Joanna Pardoe

(Un)sustainable territories: causes of the speculative bubble in Spain (1996–2010) and its territorial, environmental, and sociopolitical consequences 467 – 486
Juan Romero, Fernando Jiménez, Manuel Villoria

A boundary organization and its changing environment: the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the MNP 487 – 503
Udo Pesch, Dave Huitema, Matthijs Hisschemöller

Ethnic minority business support in the West Midlands: challenges and developments 504 – 519
Monder Ram, Kiran Trehan, John Rouse, Kassa Woldesenbet, Trevor Jones

Creating 'a generation of NIMBYs'? Interpreting the role of the state in managing the politics of urban development 520 – 535
Andy Inch

Is regional planning dead or just coping? The transformation of a state sociospatial project into growth-oriented strategies 536 – 552
Daniel Galland

Review 553 – 554

H Elliot Forte Intervention: the battle for better business
Robert Bennett
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Issue 4

Announcement: Winner of the Bennett Prize 555

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Theme issue: Between public and private? Governing global environmental issues transnationally
Guest editor: Harriet Bulkeley

Guest editorial

Transnational environmental governance: new findings and emerging research agendas 556 – 570
Harriet Bulkeley, Andy Jordan

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Editors' choice

The transnational regime complex for climate change 571 – 590
Kenneth W Abbott

Governing climate change transnationally: assessing the evidence from a database of sixty initiatives 591 – 612
Harriet Bulkeley, Liliana Andonova, Karin Bäckstrand, Michele Betsill, Daniel Compagnon, Rosaleen Duffy, Ans Kolk, Matthew Hoffmann, David Levy, Peter Newell, Tori Milledge, Matthew Paterson, Philipp Pattberg, Stacy VanDeveer

How climate change became a business risk: analyzing nonstate agency in global climate politics 613 – 626
Philipp Pattberg

Transnational publicprivate partnerships’ performance in water governance: institutional design matters 627 – 642
Marianne Beisheim, Sabine Campe

Building environmental governance in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Europeanisation and transnational assistance in the context of limited statehood 643 – 657
Adam Fagan

Disrupting the public–private distinction: excavating the government of carbon markets post-Copenhagen 658 – 674
Eva Lövbrand, Johannes Stripple

◊          ◊          ◊

Privatization and intermunicipal contracting: the US local government experience 1992–2007 675 – 692
Amir Hefetz, Mildred E Warner, Eran Vigoda-Gadot

Popular perception of urban transformation through megaevents: understanding support for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi 693 – 711
Martin Müller

Community development corporations, policy networks, and the rescaling of community development advocacy 712 – 729
Corianne Payton Scally

Shallow or deep Europeanisation? The uneven impact of EU cohesion policy on the regional and local authorities in Poland 730 – 745
Marcin Dąbrowski

Reviews 746 – 760
Calel on Kenworthy: Progress for the poor
Jeffery on Brown: Walled states, waning sovereignty
Laing on Bennett: The international handbook on non-market environmental valuation
van den Burg on Dauvergne, Lister: Timber
Roman on Sweeney, Dobson, Despota, Zinnbauer: Global corruption report: climate change
Erdal on Kunz: The political economy of global remittances: gender, governmentality and neoliberalism
van der Linden on Doyle: Mediating climate change
Calel on Meckling: Carbon coalitions: business, climate politics, and the rise of emissions trading
Temelová on Haase, Steinführer, Kabisch, Grossmann, Hall: Residential change and demographic challenge: the inner city of East Central Europe in the 21stcentury
Greaves on Bennett: Local business voice: the history of chambers of commerce in Britain, Ireland, and revolutionary America
Street on Taylor: Public policy in the community

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Issue 5

Theme issue: The implementation of the 'new' cluster policies: a critical evaluation
Guest editors: Claire Champenois, Sabine Menu

Guest editorial

'New' cluster policies: a process-based approach 761 – 765
Claire Champenois, Sabine Menu

Open Access Creative Commons License

Triple helix clusters: boundary permeability at university–industry–government interfaces as a regional innovation strategy 766 – 779
Henry Etzkowitz

Policy learning and the ‘cluster-flavoured innovation policy’ in Finland 780 – 795
Markku Sotarauta

How can a cluster policy enhance entrepreneurship? Evidence from the German ‘BioRegio’ case 796 – 815
Claire Champenois

The role of cluster policy on leadership: evidence from two Pôles de compétitivité 816 – 834
Sabine Menu

Why is intersectoral cooperation difficult to maintain? Insights from French cluster policy 835 – 847
Dima Younès

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Editors' choice

Is there a link between globalization and governance? 848 – 870
Roberto Ezcurra

Dynamics of spatial interdependence: the contingent effect of international trade on voluntary environmental standards 871 – 890
Christopher Marcoux, Johannes Urpelainen

Divergent pathways of development: a comparative case study of human well-being in two Thai provinces 891 – 909
Sarah Parks

Soft spaces as vehicles for neoliberal transformations of strategic spatial planning? 910 – 923
Kristian Olesen

The limits to libertarian paternalism: two new critiques and seven best-practice imperatives 924 – 940
Nick Gill, Matthew Gill

Review essay: The path towards corporate social responsibility 941 – 942
Judith L Walls

Issue 6


Revisiting ... the most downloaded paper in 2011–12 943
Andrew Jordan, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Open Access Creative Commons License

Revisiting … Ethnic-minority businesses in the United Kingdom: a review of research and policy developments 944 – 950
Trevor Jones, Monder Ram

Theme issue: Migration and global environmental change: assessing governance challenges and opportunities
Guest editors: Andrew Geddes, W Neil Adger, Nigel W Arnell, Richard Black, David S G Thomas

Guest editorial

Migration, environmental change, and the ‘challenges of governance’ 951 – 967
Andrew Geddes, W Neil Adger, Nigel W Arnell, Richard Black, David S G Thomas

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Editors’ choice

Mitigating conflict and violence in African cities 968 – 981
Sean Fox, Jo Beall

India’s ecocity? Environment, urbanisation, and mobility in the making of Lavasa 982 – 996
Ayona Datta

Water scarcity, conflict, and migration: a comparative analysis and reappraisal 997 – 1014
Jan Selby, Clemens Hoffmann

Migration and environmental change in international governance: the case of the European Union 1015 – 1028
Andrew Geddes, William Somerville

Migration as adaptation? Exploring the scope for coordinating environmental and migration policies in the European Union 1029 – 1044
Andrew Geddes, Andrew Jordan

Environmental change and migration: legal and political frameworks 1045 – 1060
Susan F Martin

Human migration and displacement in the context of adaptation to climate change: the Cancun Adaptation Framework and potential for future action 1061 – 1077
Koko Warner

The implications for governance of migration linked to environmental change: key findings and new research directions 1078 – 1082
Andrew Geddes, W Neil Adger, Nigel W Arnell, David S G Thomas

◊          ◊          ◊

Making government liquid: shifts in governance using financialisation as a political device 1083 – 1099
Paul du Gay, Yuval Millo, Penelope Tuck

Institutional entrepreneurship in hostile settings:
health and social care partnerships in Scotland, 2002–05
1100 – 1115
Tom Forbes

Leaders, followers, and laggards: adoption of the US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in California 1116 – 1128
Rui Wang

Local climate action planning 1129
Nachmany on Boswell, Greve, Seale: Local climate action planning
Open Access Creative Commons License

Food, globalization and sustainability 1130
Cardwell on Oosterveer, Sonnenfeld: Food, globalization and sustainability
Open Access Creative Commons License

Learning from wind power 1131
Hiteva on Szarka, Cowell, Ellis, Strachan, Warren (Eds): Learning from wind power
Open Access Creative Commons License