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Issue 1

Anniversary papers

Reflecting on editorial and publishing challenges: Government and Policy; the first 25 years 1 – 16
Robert Bennett

The governance of sustainable development: taking stock and looking forwards 17 – 33
Andrew Jordan

Contingent valuation design and data treatment: if you can’t shoot the messenger, change the message 34 – 53
Clive L Spash

From identity to the economy: analysing the evolution of the decentralisation discourse 54 – 72
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Richard Sandall

Tax policy in emerging countries 73 – 86
Richard M Bird, Eric M Zolt

Comparing local government systems across countries: conceptual and methodological challenges to building a field of comparative local government studies 87 – 103
Harold Wolman

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Theme issue: Challenging issues in local privatization
Guest editors: Germà Bel, Mildred Warner

Guest editorial

Challenging issues in local privatization 104 – 109
Germà Bel, Mildred Warner

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Institutional developments in the Dutch waste-collection market 110 – 126
Elbert Dijkgraaf, Raymond H J M Gradus

Changing modes of service delivery: how past choices structure future choices 127 – 143
Trevor L Brown, Matthew Potoski, David M Van Slyke

The restructuring of municipal services: a Canada – United States comparison 144 – 158
Robert Hebdon, Patrice Jalette

The link between service privatization and price distribution among consumer types: municipal water services in the Spanish region of Catalonia 159 – 172
Antonio Miralles

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Negotiating neoliberal environments in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada: restructuring of state – voluntary sector relations and disability organizations’ struggles to survive 173 – 190
Vera Chouinard, Valorie A Crooks

Biotechnology, sound science, and the Foreign Agricultural Service: a case study in neoliberal rollout 191 – 209
Jamey Essex

The challenge of devising public policy for high-tech, science-based, and knowledge-based communities: evidence from a life science and biotechnology community 210 – 228
Edward Kasabov

Learning process of Chinese urban planning: the case of Xiamen’s City Comprehensive Plan 229 – 242
Li Yu

Tackling the NEET generation and the ability of policy to generate a ‘NEET’ solution—evidence from the UK 243 – 259
Simon Pemberton

Domestic sourcing by foreign-owned subsidiaries 260 – 276
David Williams, Frank McDonald, Heinz J Tüselmann, Colin Turner

Reviews 277 – 286
Coutto on Yamin, Depledge: The international climate change regime: a guide to rules, institutions and procedures
Nijkamp on Morello: Time and temporality: research for a new culture of time
Chorianopoulos on Sakwa, Stevens (Eds): Contemporary Europe
Karlsson on Jones, Rice, Bago d’Uva, Balia: Applied health economics
Avineri on Van Geenhuizen, Reggiani, Rietveld (Eds): Policy analysis of transport networks
Edgington on Elger, Smith: Assembling work: remaking factory regimes in Japanese multinationals in Britain
Diaz Marroquin on Kwok (Ed.): Globalizing Taipei: the political economy of spatial development
Bauer on Saunier, Meganck: Dictionary and introduction to global environmental governance

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Publisher's announcement
The editors and publishers are concerned about the length of time between receiving papers and their publication, and so this year we are increasing the number of pages in the journal by 20%. This issue contains a bonus of a further 103 pages, as this volume marks the completion of twenty-five years of the journal's publication and we are celebrating this milestone by publishing six specially written anniversary papers.

Issue 2

Theme issue: SME policy—recent developments
     Including papers from the ISBE conference

Guest editor: David Brooksbank

Guest editorial

Small business policy and support 287 – 291
David Brooksbank

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Gender and the use of business advice: evidence from firms in the Scottish service sector 292 – 314
Paul J A Robson, Sarah L Jack, Mark S Freel

Differential gains from Business Link support and advice: a treatment effects approach 315 – 334
Kevin Mole, Mark Hart, Stephen Roper, David Saal

Constructing female entrepreneurship policy in the UK: is the US a relevant benchmark? 335 – 351
Susan Marlow, Sara Carter, Eleanor Shaw

Ethnic-minority businesses in the UK: a review of research and policy developments 352 – 374
Monder Ram, Trevor Jones

SME policy support in Britain since the 1990s: what have we learnt? 375 – 397
Robert Bennett

◊          ◊          ◊

EU Cohesion policy and the role of the regions: investigating the influence of Structural Funds in the new member states 398 – 427
John Bachtler, Irene McMaster

Performance measurement in planning—towards a holistic view 428 – 454
Matthew Carmona, Louie Sieh

The territorial governance of the shadow economy 455 – 470
Luigi Burroni, Colin Crouch

Reviews 471 – 476
Savage on Redclift: Frontiers: histories of civil society and nature
Catz Reid on Bratt, Stone, Hartman (Eds): A right to housing: foundation for a new social agenda
Kelling on Stoll-Kleeman, Welp (Eds): Stakeholder dialogues in natural resources management: theory and practice
Blair on Jordan, Schout: The coordination of the European Union: exploring the capacities of networked governance

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Issue 3


Environment and Planning C ... the next 25 years 477 – 480
Andrew Jordan, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

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Unpicking environmental policy integration with tales from waste management 481 – 498
Matthew Watson, Harriet Bulkeley, Ray Hudson

Analysing the impact of Objective 1 funding in Europe: a review 499 – 524
Peter Gripaios, Paul Bishop, Trevor Hart, Eric McVittie

Community participation: using social network analysis to improve developmental benefits 525 – 543
Nancy Holman

Vulnerability and capacity: explaining local commitment to climate-change policy 544 – 562
Sammy Zahran, Samuel D Brody, Arnold Vedlitz, Himanshu Grover, Caitlyn Miller

Tackling concentrations of worklessness: highlighting the limits of work-focused organisational cultures in the UK 563 – 582
Del Roy Fletcher

The role of discourse coalitions in planning for renewable energy: a case study of wind-energy deployment 583 – 600
Sarah Mander

The relationship between the capacity of the Spanish central government to retain tax-revenue shares and interregional inequality 601 – 613
Toni Mora

Public – private partnership: on the edge of project and process management. Insights from Dutch practice: the Sijtwende spatial development project 614 – 626
Jurian Edelenbos, Geert R Teisman

Governing agri-environmental schemes: lessons to be learned from the new institutional-economics approach 627 – 643
Marie-José Smits, Peter Driessen, Pieter Glasbergen

The new politics of urban housing 644 – 659
Alan Murie, Rob Rowlands

Reviews 660 – 666
van den Burg on Clarke, Newman, Smith, Vidler, Westmarland: Creating citizen-consumers: changing publics and changing public services
Scott on Bache, Jordan (Eds): The Europeanization of British politics
Gonzalez on Kraft, Kamieniecki: Business and environmental policy: corporate interests in the American political system
Chorafakis on Murman: Knowledge and competitive advantage: the coevolution of firms, technology and national institutions
Yarwood on Hillyard: The sociology of rural life

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Issue 4

Staying competitive while subsidized: a governmental policy to reduce production of environmentally harmful products 667 – 677
Lars E Olsson, Tommy Gärling

A description and exploration of recent state-led smart-growth efforts 678 – 695
Michael Howell-Moroney

Community participation, rights, and responsibilities: the governmentality of sustainable development policy in Australia 696 – 711
Jennifer A Summerville, Barbara A Adkins, Gavin Kendall

Social multicriteria evaluation of conflict over rural electrification and solar energy in Spain 712 – 727
Giuseppe Munda, Daniela Russi

Transportation: the bottleneck of regional competitiveness in Toronto 728 – 751
Roger Keil, Douglas Young

Piping the politics of space: the engagement of scale in regional strategies of economic development 752 – 766
Anders Underthun

The limits of performance assessments of public bodies: external constraints in English local government 767 – 787
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero, Dirk Haubrich, Iain McLean

Organizational environments and public-service failure: an empirical analysis 788 – 807
Rhys Andrews, George A Boyne

Are technology institutes a satisfactory tool for public intervention in the area of technology? A neoclassical and evolutionary evaluation 808 – 823
Andrés Barge-Gil, Aurelia Modrego-Rico

Polish special economic zones: idea versus practice 824 – 840
Krzysztof Gwosdz, Woyciech Jarczewski, Maciej Huculak, Krzysztof Wiederman

Evaluating the effectiveness of public participation efforts by environmental agencies: repermitting a smelter in El Paso, Texas, USA 841 – 856
Catherine Cunningham, John Tiefenbacher

Issue 5


Revisiting ... the most downloaded paper of 2007 – 08 857
Andrew Jordan, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

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Revisiting ... Retrieving the baby from the bathwater: slum upgrading in Sub-Saharan Africa 858 – 860
Sumila Gulyani, Ellen M Bassett

Knowledge flows, spatial strategy making, and the roles of academics 861 – 881
Patsy Healey

Vancouver’s promise of the world’s first sustainable Olympic Games 882 – 905
Meg Holden, Julia MacKenzie, Robert VanWynsberghe

Performance measurement of local welfare programmes: evidence from Madrid’s regional government 906 – 923
Luis Ayala, Francisco Pedraja, Javier Salinas-Jiménez

Decisions and transitions: meeting the needs of the ‘knowledge economy’ 924 – 937
Molly Warrington

Trading schemes, risks, and costs: the cases of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme and the Renewables Obligation 938 – 953
David Toke

Determinants of the distribution of the central-government budgetary grants in Turkey 954 – 967
Recep Tekeli, Muhittin Kaplan

Regulating the release of GMOs: contrasts between the European Union and Norway 968 – 981
Valborg Kvakkestad, Arild Vatn

Scenario planning for the Edinburgh city region 982 – 997
Iain Docherty, Peter McKiernan

Continuity or change in business representation in Britain? An assessment of the Heseltine initiatives of the 1990s 998 – 1015
Justin Greaves

Employment changes in Italy in the 1990s: a comparison between large enterprise areas and industrial districts 1016 – 1035
Gabi Dei Ottati, Laura Grassini

Reviews 1036 – 1046
Herbert on Alexander: Cities and labour immigration: comparing policy responses in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Tel Aviv
Lewis on Mendonça: Feed-in tariffs: accelerating the deployment of renewable energy
De Francesco on Weyland: Bounded rationality and policy diffusion: social sector reform in Latin America
Zeitoun on Feldman: Water policy for sustainable development
Vermeulen on Knaap, Haccoû, Clifton, Frece (Eds): Incentives, regulations and plans: the role of states and nation-states in smart growth planning
Matt on Harrington, McConnell (Eds): Controlling automobile air pollution
Sultana on Dar, Cooke (Eds): The new development management: critiquing the dual modernization
Dalby on German Advisory Council on Global Change: Climate change as a security risk

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Issue 6

Government support to regional food producers: an assessment of England’s Regional Food Strategy 1047 – 1060
Matthew Gorton, Angela Tregear

Insider perspectives on institutional change in contemporary British forestry: identity and environmental governance 1061 – 1076
Pernille Schiellerup

Organisational archetypes for Dutch housing associations 1077 – 1092
Vincent Gruis

Relaunching regional economic-development policy and planning for Auckland: remaking the state and contingent governance under neoliberalism 1093 – 1112
Steffen Wetzstein

‘Wicked’, ‘messy’, and ‘clumsy’: long-term frameworks for sustainability 1113 – 1128
Bob Frame

Why are some Spanish regions so much more efficient than others? 1129 – 1142
Jaume Puig-Junoy, Jaime Pinilla

Integrating multiple perspectives in social multicriteria evaluation of flood-mitigation alternatives: the case of Malborghetto-Valbruna 1143 – 1161
Anna Scolobig, Vanesa Castán Broto, Aiora Zabala

The role of wealth, income, and social capital in determining a household’s choice to participate in rural water-supply projects in Peru 1162 – 1176
Linda Stalker Prokopy, Richard Thorsten

Unevenness in urban governance: stadium building and downtown redevelopment in Phoenix, Arizona 1177 – 1196
Timothy W Collins

The political economy of retail change in Chinese cities 1197 – 1226
Enru Wang, Jinping Song

Reviews 1227 – 1230
Hobson on Barr: Environment and society: sustainability, policy and the citizen
Brickell on Tyner: The killing of Cambodia: geography, genocide and the unmaking of space
Sauri on Troy (Ed.): Troubled waters: confronting the water crisis in Australia’s cities

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