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Issue 5

Theory and praxis in economic geography: 'enterprising' and local growth in a global economy 633 – 649
Paul Plummer, Michael Taylor

Spatial scale and neighbourhood regeneration in England: a case study of Avon 651 – 662
Richard Harris, Ron Johnston

Methodology problems in urban governance studies 663 – 685
Scott Gissendanner

Employment in host regions and foreign direct investment 687 – 701
Frank McDonald, Heinz J Tüselmann, Arne Heise, David Williams

Rural - urban differences in privatization: limits to the competitive state 703 – 718
Mildred Warner, Amir Hefetz

Michigan's Renaissance Zones: eliminating taxes to attract investment and jobs in distressed communities 719 – 734
Gary Sands

Demutualisation, strategic choice, and social responsibility 735 – 760
J Neill Marshall, Richard Willis, Ranald Richardson

Mediating the 'national' and the 'local' in the environmental policy process: a case study of the CPRE 761 – 778
Philip Lowe, Jonathan Murdoch

Reviews 779 – 790
Review essay: Dierwechter on Honachefsky: Ecologically based municipal land use planning
     on Owens, Cowell: Land and limits: interpreting sustainability in the planning process
     on Murdoch, Abram: Rationalities of planning: development versus environment in planning for housing
Jenkins on Szarka: The shaping of environmental policy in France
Edgington on Guerrieri, Iammarino, Pietrobelli: The global challenge to industrial districts: small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy and Taiwan
Bakker on Quah, Tan: Siting environmentally unwanted facilities: risks, trade-offs and choices
Burroni on Le Galès: European cities: social conflicts and governance
Balram on Beierle, Cayford: Democracy in practice: public participation in environmental decisions

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