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Issue 2

The joy of joining up: modes of integrating the local government modernisation agenda 159 – 179
Richard Cowell, Steve Martin

Decentralisation and poverty alleviation in Indonesia 181 – 202
Anne Booth

Educational restructuring from a community viewpoint: a case study of school closure from Invercargill, New Zealand 203 – 223
Karen Witten, Robin Kearns, Nick Lewis, Heather Coster, Tim McCreanor

Regional planning tensions: planning for economic growth and sustainable development in two contrasting English regions 225 – 239
David Counsell, Graham Haughton

Realising 'joined-up' geography in the National Health Service: the role of geographical information systems? 241 – 258
Gary Higgs, Darren P Smith, Myles I Gould

Identifying areas of multiple social need: a case study in the preparation of Children Services Plans 259 – 276
Massimo Craglia, Robert Haining, Paola Signoretta

Local development companies and the regeneration of Britain's cities 277 – 303
Mike Raco, Ivan Turok, Keith Kintrea

Referees 2002 305

Reviews 307 – 316
Perrels on Midttun (Ed.): European energy industry business strategies
Arbix on Sverrisson, Van Dijk (Eds): Local economies in turmoil: the effects of deregulation and globalization
Palavicini Corona on Lyons, Hamlin: Creating an economic development action plan: a guide for development professionals
Badcock on Leonard, Mortimore: Elections in Britain: a voter's guide
Reid on Shapiro, Wolff (Eds): Assets for the poor: the benefits of spreading asset ownership
Benneworth on Hennessy: The secret state: Whitehall and the Cold War
Clayton on Nairn: Pariah: misfortunes of the British Kingdom

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