Volume 33  

Issue 1


Changing the guard on the environmental side of EPC 1 – 3
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

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 Including papers from the ISBE conference
Theme issue: Government SME policy: perceptions of intervention

Guest editors: David Pickernell, Christine Atkinson, Christopher Miller

Guest editorial

Government SME intervention policy: perception is 9/10ths of the truth? 4 – 8
David Pickernell, Christine Atkinson, Christopher Miller

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A question of perspective: Impact Assessment and the perceived costs and benefits of new regulations for SMEs 9 – 24
Francis Chittenden, Tim Ambler

Do rural firms perceive different problems? Geography, sorting, and barriers to growth in UK SMEs 25 – 42
Neil Lee, Marc Cowling

Business angel investment activity in the financial crisis: UK evidence and policy implications 43 – 60
Colin M Mason, Richard T Harrison

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State intervention in vacant residential properties: an evaluation of empty dwelling management orders in England 61 – 82
Steven R Henderson

Underqualification as an opportunity for low-educated workers 83 – 103
Marije Hamersma, Arjen Edzes, Jouke van Dijk

Adaptation to climate change: professional networks and reinforcing institutional environments 104 – 117
Sissel Hovik, Jon Naustdalslid, Marit Reitan, Tone Muthanna

Regulatory uncertainty and corporate pollution control strategies: an empirical study of the ‘Pay for Permit’ policy in the Tai Lake Basin 118 – 135
Bing Zhang, Hanxun Fei, Yongjing Zhang, Beibei Liu

Editors' choice

Intergovernmental fiscal relations: the efficiency effect of taxes, transfers, and fiscal illusion 136 – 162
Julio López-Laborda, Antoni Zabalza

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Harnessing the economic potential of ‘second-tier’ European cities: lessons from four different state/urban systems 163 – 183
Richard Evans

Editors' choice

Rescaling spatial planning: spatial planning reforms in Denmark, England, and the Netherlands 184 – 198
Petra H Roodbol-Mekkes, Adri van den Brink

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Between interests and worldviews: the narrow path of the Mekong River Commission 199 – 217
Diana Suhardiman, Mark Giordano, François Molle

Reviews 218 – 219
Benson on O'Riordan, Lenton (Eds): Addressing tipping points for a precarious future
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Referees 220 – 221