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Issue 3

Theme issue: Space, sociality, and pervasive computing
Guest editor: Bharat Dave

Guest editorial

Space, sociality, and pervasive computing 381 – 382
Bharat Dave

New media urbanism: grounding ambient information technology 383 – 395
Malcolm McCullough

Seoul: birth of a broadband metropolis 396 – 413
Anthony M Townsend

The infrastructure of experience and the experience of infrastructure: meaning and structure in everyday encounters with space 414 – 430
Paul Dourish, Genevieve Bell

‘Outlines of a world coming into existence’: pervasive computing and the ethics of forgetting 431 – 445
Martin Dodge, Rob Kitchin

Understanding and representing the social prospects of hybrid urban spaces 446 – 465
Jeni Paay, Bharat Dave, Steve Howard

Mapping DigiPlace: geocoded Internet data and the representation of place 466 – 482
Matthew A Zook, Mark Graham

◊          ◊          ◊

Transformation of spatial data to a new zone system: a survey of US metropolitan planning organizations 483 – 500
Daniel Baldwin Hess

Planning models for the provision of affordable housing 501 – 523
Michael P Johnson

Measuring and interpreting the effects of a public-sector-led urban renewal project on housing prices—an empirical study of a comprehensive development area zone developed upon ‘taking’ in Hong Kong 524 – 538
Lawrence W C Lai, Kwong Wing Chau, Edward C Y Yiu, Kelvin S K Wong, Wah Sang Wong, Pearl Y L Chan

From axial to road-centre lines: a new representation for space syntax and a new model of route choice for transport network analysis 539 – 555
Alasdair Turner

Detecting spatiotemporal dynamic landscape patterns using remote sensing and the lacunarity index: a case study of Haikou City, China 556 – 569
Guangjin Tian, Zhifeng Yang, Yichun Xie

Reviews 570
Lai on Laughlin: A different universe: reinventing physics from the bottom down