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Issue 2


Models again: their role in planning and prediction 191 – 194
Michael Batty

Open Access Creative Commons License

The effect of smog–ozone warnings and a vanpool program on traffic volume in York County of South Carolina 195 – 220
Eleftherios Giovanis

Modeling the sociospatial constraints on land-use change: the case of periurban sprawl in the Greater Boston region 221 – 241
Stephen M McCauley, John Rogan, James T Murphy, Billie L Turner, Samuel Ratic

Public toilets: an exploratory study on the demands, needs, and expectations in Turkey 242 – 262
Yasemin Afacan, Meltem O Gurel

A discrete choice approach to modeling food store access 263 – 278
Amy Hillier, Tony Smith, Carolyn C Cannuscio, Allison Karpyn, Karen Glanz

Quantifying circular urban expansion patterns of compact Chinese cities: the case of Yangtze River Delta, China 279 – 299
S S Chen, Yue Yan, Qun Gao, Dene Liu

Half a billion simulations: evolutionary algorithms and distributed computing for calibrating the SimpopLocal geographical model 300 – 315
Clara Schmitt, Sébastien Rey-Coyrehourcq, Romain Reuillon, Denise Pumain

Planning support in estimating green housing opportunities for different socioeconomic groups in Nanjing, China 316 – 337
Hong Hu, Stan Geertman, Pieter Hooimeijer

Mental illness in Ireland: simulating its geographical prevalence and the role of access to services 338 – 353
Karyn Morrissey, Graham Clarke, Paul Williamson, Antoinette Daly, Cathal O’Donoghue

Distributed attraction: the effects of street network connectivity upon the distribution of retail frontage in the City of Buenos Aires 354 – 378
Martin D Scoppa, John Peponis

Reviews 379 – 380
Gamsu on Patterson, Silverman (Eds): Schools and urban revitalization: rethinking institutions and community development