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Issue 2

Announcement 191
Changes to the editorial management team
Michael Batty
Open Access Creative Commons License

The evolution and planning of hierarchical transport networks 192 – 210
Valerio de Martinis, Francesca Pagliara, Alan Wilson

How urban structure constrains sustainable mobility choices: comparison of Copenhagen and Oporto 211 – 228
Cecília Silva, José Pedro Reis, Paulo Pinho

Conceptual engawa: the experience of ring-based circulation in Tadao Ando museums 229 – 250
Joseph Francis Wong

The prospects and problems of integrating sketch maps with geographic information systems to understand environmental perception: a case study of mapping youth fear in Los Angeles gang neighborhoods 251 – 271
Jacqueline W Curtis, Ellen Shiau, Bryce Lowery, David Sloane, Karen Hennigan, Andrew Curtis

Examining the impact of urban morphology on bicycle mode choice 272 – 288
Greg Rybarczyk, Changshan Wu

An energy expenditure approach for estimating walking distance 289 – 306
Chaug-Ing Hsu, Yau-Ching Tsai

Stakeholders’ preferences and adaptive behaviour in retail-location choice decisions 307 – 322
Ingrid Janssen, Aloys Borgers, Harry Timmermans

Cyberspace: connected or segregated? Examining virtual segregation among Hong Kong Internet users 323 – 340
Fei Li, Donggen Wang

Density and built form: integrating ‘Spacemate’ with the work of Martin and March 341 – 358
Philip Steadman

Analyzing crime displacement with a simulation approach 359 – 374
Ninghua Wang, Lin Liu, John E Eck

Reviews 375 – 380
Heppenstall on de Roo, Hillier, van Wezemael (Eds): Complexity and planning: systems, assemblages and simulations
Stanilov on Phelps, Wu (Eds): International perspectives on suburbanization: a post-suburban world?
Phelps on Mozingo: Pastoral capitalism: a history of suburban corporate landscapes
Morrison on Marans, Stimson (Eds): Investigating quality of urban life: theory, methods, and empirical research