Volume 42  

Issue 1

Announcement 1

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Theme issue: Chains, migration, and complex networks
Guest editor: Eveline van Leeuwen

Guest editorial

Complex datasets to better understand complex urban networks 2 – 3
Eveline van Leeuwen

Open Access Creative Commons License

International migration: a global complex network 4 – 22
Emmanouil Tranos, Masood Gheasi, Peter Nijkamp

The size distribution of employment centers within the US Metropolitan Areas 23 – 39
Daniel Arribas-Bel, Arturo Ramos, Fernando Sanz-Gracia

Design of sustainable supply chains for sustainable cities 40 – 57
Anna Nagurney

Bursts and avalanches: the dynamics of polycentric urban evolution 58 – 75
Dani Broitman, Daniel Czamanski

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The application of a sequence alignment method to the creation of typologies of tourist activity in time and space 76 – 94
Noam Shoval, Bob McKercher, Amit Birenboim, Erica Ng

Developing visibility analysis for a retail store: a pilot study in a bookstore 95 – 109
Yi Lu, Hyun-Bo Seo

The Euler character: a new type of visual landscape metric? 110 – 132
Neil Sang, Caroline Hägerhäll, Åsa Ode

On the spatiotemporal dynamics of the coupling between land use and road networks: does political history matter? 133 – 156
Gargi Chaudhuri, Keith C Clarke

Results of an agent-based market simulation for transferable development rights (TDR) in Switzerland 157 – 183
Gianluca Menghini, Fabian Gemperle, Irmi Seidl, Kay W Axhausen

Reviews 184 – 187
Zebracki on Sánchez de Madariaga, Roberts (Eds): Fair shared cities: the impact of gender planning in Europe
Hardman on Ferrão, Fernández: Sustainable urban metabolism
Caragliu on Weinstock (Ed.): System city: infrastructure and the space of flows

Referees 2014 188 – 189