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Issue 4


Money and cities 571 – 572
Michael Batty

Open Access Creative Commons License

The effect of urban form and residential cooling energy use in Sacramento, California 573 – 593
Yekang Ko, John D Radke

Dynamic adaptive policies: a way to improve the cost–benefit performance of megaprojects? 594 – 612
Jerrel R Yzer, Warren E Walker, Vincent A W J Marchau, Jan H Kwakkel

Multiscale spatial decomposition for skew-distributed data with parallel spatial kernel smoothing 613 – 636
Linwang Yuan, Zhaoyuan Yu, Lin Yi, Wen Luo, Shaofei Chen

Identifying the relationship between the objectively measured built environment and walking activity in the high-density and transit-oriented city, Seoul, Korea 637 – 660
Hyungun Sung, Sugie Lee, Sungwon Jung

A review of urban residential choice models using agent-based modeling 661 – 689
Qingxu Huang, Dawn C Parker, Tatiana Filatova, Shipeng Sun

The dynamic façade pattern grammar 690 – 716
Sotirios D Kotsopoulos, Guglielmo Carra, Wesley Graybill, Federico Casalegno

An extended kernel density two-step floating catchment area method to analyze access to health care 717 – 735
Pierre Polzin, José Borges, António Coelho

Measuring community completeness: jobs–housing balance, accessibility, and convenient local access to nonwork destinations 736 – 756
Louis A Merlin

Reviews 757 – 760
Botezatu on Sloane: Planning Los Angeles
Brownill on Smith, Soledad Garcia Ferrari (Eds): Waterfront regeneration: experiences in city building
Anzola on O’Sullivan, Perry: Spatial simulation: exploring patterns and processes