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Issue 3


Forty years after Lee’s Requiem: are we beyond the seven sins? 381 – 387
Marco te Brömmelstroet, Peter Pelzer, Stan Geertman

Open Access Creative Commons License

Can it happen again? Planning support, Lee’s Requiem and the rise of the smart cities movement 388 – 391
Michael Batty

Open Access Creative Commons License

An alternative approach to the calculation and analysis of connectivity in the world city network 392 – 412
Stefan Hennemann, Ben Derudder

The importance of creative participatory planning in the public place-making process 413 – 429
Elizelle J Cilliers, Wim Timmermans

Achieving residential connectivity and density goals with computer-generated plans in a greenfield area 430 – 449
Yuchao Sun, Min Qiu, John Taplin

Allometry in the syntax of street networks: evolution of Adriatic and Ionian coastal cities 1800–2010 450 – 471
Ermal Shpuza

A strategic analysis of urban renewal in Taipei City using game theory 472 – 492
Yu-Chih Lin, Feng-Tyan Lin

Digital serious game for urban planning: “B3—Design your Marketplace!” 493 – 511
Alenka Poplin

The typological process and the morphological period: a cross-cultural assessment 512 – 533
J W R Whitehand, Kai Gu, Michael P Conzen, Susan M Whitehand

Can housing and accessibility information influence residential location choice and travel behavior? An experimental study 534 – 550
Daniel A Rodriguez, Jennifer Rogers

Determinants of green building adoption 551 – 570
Franz Fuerst, Constantine Kontokosta, Patrick McAllister