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Issue 6


At the crossroads of urban growth 951 – 953
Michael Batty

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Theme issue: New impetus to theoretical and empirical perspectives on space–time behavior
Guest editors: Soora Rasouli, Harry Timmermans

Guest editorial

New impetus to theoretical and empirical perspectives on space–time behavior: stochastic representation, dynamic choice sets and activity spaces 954 – 959
Soora Rasouli, Harry Timmermans

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Social interaction potential and the spatial distribution of face-to-face social interactions 960 – 976
Steven Farber, Tijs Neutens, Juan-Antonio Carrasco, Carolina Rojas

A prism-based and gap-based approach to shopping location choice 977 – 1005
Joshua Wang, Eric J Miller

Adaptive-velocity time-geographic density estimation for mapping the potential and probable locations of mobile objects 1006 – 1021
Joni A Downs, Mark W Horner

Uncertain travel times and activity schedules under conditions of space–time constraints and invariant choice heuristics 1022 – 1030
Soora Rasouli, Harry J P Timmermans

Reconciling user benefit and time-geography-based individual accessibility measures 1031 – 1043
Daniel Jonsson, Anders Karlström, Masoud Fadaei Oshyani, Per Olsson

A spatial and temporal comparative analysis of the effects of land-use clusters on activity spaces in three Quebec cities 1044 – 1062
Christopher Harding, Zachary Patterson, Luis F Miranda-Moreno, Seyed Amir Zahabi

Day-to-day interpersonal and intrapersonal variability of individuals’ activity spaces in a developing country 1063 – 1076
Dimas B E Dharmowijoyo, Yusak O Susilo, Anders Karlström

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Land-use planning and the urban heat island 1077 – 1099
Jun-Pill Kim, Jean-Michel Guldmann

Spatial layout, social structure, and innovation in organizations 1100 – 1112
Jean Wineman, Yongha Hwang, Felichism Kabo, Jason Owen-Smith, Gerald F Davis

An analysis of visitors’ behavior in The Louvre Museum: a study using Bluetooth data 1113 – 1131
Yuji Yoshimura, Stanislav Sobolevsky, Carlo Ratti, Fabien Girardin, Juan Pablo Carrascal, Josep Blat, Roberta Sinatra