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Issue 5


Peter Hall 1932–2014 761 – 765
Michael Batty

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Winners of the Breheny Prize 766

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Scaling: lost in the smog 767 – 769
Rémi Louf, Marc Barthelemy

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Breaking barriers to transit-oriented development: insights from the serious game SPRINTCITY 770 – 791
Jan Duffhues, Igor S Mayer, Merten Nefs, Mirte van der Vliet

A spatial-indexing model for measuring neighbourhood-level land-use and transport integration 792 – 812
Fatih Dur, Tan Yigitcanlar, Jonathan Bunker

Topological structure of urban street networks from the perspective of degree correlations 813 – 828
Bin Jiang, Yingying Duan, Feng Lu, Tinghong Yang, Jing Zhao

A SIRN view on design thinking—an urban design perspective 829 – 846
Juval Portugali, Egbert Stolk

Social influence and proenvironmental behavior: the reflexive layers of influence framework 847 – 862
Jonn Axsen, Kenneth S Kurani

‘Measure twice, cut once’—revisiting the strength and impact of local planning regulation of housing development in England 863 – 884
Glen Bramley, David Watkins

Sustainable urban development in practice: the SAVE concept 885 – 906
David J Blackwood, Daniel J Gilmour, John P Isaacs, Thomas Kurka, Ruth E Falconer

Effects of alternative developer decision-making models on the production of ecological subdivision designs: experimental results from an agent-based model 907 – 927
Nicholas R Magliocca, Daniel G Brown, Virginia D McConnell, Joan I Nassauer, S Elizabeth Westbrook

Travelers’ use of ICT under conditions of risk and constraints: an empirical study based on stated and induced preferences 928 – 944
Ruihua Lu, Caspar Chorus, Bert van Wee

Reviews 945 – 950
Curtis on Mulley (Ed.): Urban form and transport accessibility
Dorling on Smallman-Raynor, Cliff: Atlas of epidemic Britain: a twentieth century picture
Sturzaker on Haughton, Allmendinger (Eds): Spatial planning and the new localism
Lovelace on Jeekel: The car dependent society: a European perspective
Dunning on Cullingworth, Caves: Planning in the USA: policies, issues and processes