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Issue 3


Cities in a completely urbanised world 381 – 383
Michael Batty

Open Access Creative Commons License

A longitudinal study of area-level deprivation in Ireland, 1991–2011 384 – 398
Jonathan Pratschke, Trutz Haase

Modelling urban crime through workforce size: a test of the activity support concept 399 – 414
Lorena Montoya

The problems of addressing microclimate factors in urban planning of the subarctic regions 415 – 430
Saeed Ebrahimabadi, Kristina L Nilsson, Charlotta Johansson

Do suburban areas impact house prices? 431 – 449
Marco Helbich

Representing active travel: a formative evaluation of a computer visualisation tool demonstrating a new walking and cycling route 450 – 467
Emma M Bill, Graham Baker, Neil S Ferguson, David Drinkwater, Nanette Mutrie

Did Zipf anticipate spatial connectivity structures? 468 – 489
Aura Reggiani, Peter Nijkamp

Understanding the landscape of overruns in transport infrastructure projects 490 – 509
Peter E D Love, Jim Smith, Ian Simpson, Michael Regan, Oluwole Olatunji

Ingredients for a more radical strategic spatial planning 510 – 525
Louis Albrechts

Neighborhood design, neighborhood location, and three types of walking: results from the Washington DC area 526 – 540
Gi-Hyoug Cho, Daniel A Rodríguez

Modelling class uncertainty in the geodemographic Output Area Classification 541 – 563
Peter Fisher, Nicholas J Tate

Reviews 564 – 567
Brydges on Breitbart (Ed): Creative Economies in Post-industrial Cities; Manufacturing a (Different) Scene
Arribas-Bel on Langlois: Simulation of Complex Systems in GIS
Cinnamon on Kitchin: The data revolution: big data, open data, data infrastructures and their consequences