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Issue 8


Locating economic action: projects, networks, localities, institutions 1329 – 1331
Gernot Grabher


Placing academic labor: the challenges for unionization 1331 – 1334
Lucy Jarosz

How much does place matter? 1335 – 1369

Anecdote is the singular of data Danny Dorling
Do we care about area effects? George Smith, Michael Noble, Gemma Wright
Evidence-based policy and practice Roger Burrows, Jonathan Bradshaw
Is there a place for area-based initiatives? Heather Joshi
On reinvented wheels Charles Pattie
Multilevel modeling might not be the answer Richard Mitchell
Unemployment, nonemployment, and labour-market disadvantage Anne E Green
Reply: Ward-level deprivation and individual social and economic outcomes in the British Household Panel Study Andrew McCulloch

The impact of 'branchless banking' on building society branch networks 1371 – 1384
Richard Willis, J Neill Marshall, Ranald Richardson

Industrial and regional restructuring in the US women's dress industry, 1963 - 92 1385 – 1410
Jürgen Essletzbichler, David L Rigby

Conceptualising and measuring urban competitiveness in major English cities: an exploratory approach 1411 – 1429
Iain Deas, Benito Giordano

The role of geographic location in the financial and innovation performance of publicly traded pharmaceutical companies: empirical evidence from the Untied States 1431 – 1444
Vigdis Boasson, Alan MacPherson

Calibration of cellular automata by using neural networks for the simulation of complex urban systems 1445 – 1462
Xia Li, Anthony Gar-On Yeh

The implications of Wal-Mart's takeover of ASDA 1463 – 1487
Steve Burt, Leigh Sparks

Seoul's deathscapes: incorporating tradition into modern time - space 1489 – 1506
Elizabeth K Teather, Hae Un Rii, Assisted by Eun Hye Kim

Reviews 1507 – 1518
Johnston on Karvonen, Kuhnle (Eds): Party systems and voter alignments revisited
      on Bartolini: The political mobilization of the European left, 1860 - 1980: the class cleavage
Cox on Smith: Transnational urbanism: locating globalization
Robbins on Lele, Kumar, Husain, Zazueta, Kelly: The World Bank forest strategy: striking the right balance
Coe on Bryson, Daniels, Henry, Pollard (Eds): Knowledge, space, economy
Yasmeen on Warde, Martens: Eating out: social differentiation, consumption and pleasure
Lardiés Bosque on King, Warnes, Williams: Sunset lives: British retirement migration to the Mediterranean
Osté, de Roo on Lafferty, Meadowcroft (Eds): Implementing sustainable development: strategies and initiatives in high consumption societies