2000 volume 18(4) pages 411 – 432

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Thrift N, Dewsbury J-D, 2000, "Dead geographies—and how to make them live" Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 18(4) 411 – 432

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Dead geographies—and how to make them live

Nigel Thrift, John-David Dewsbury

Received 29 May 2000

Abstract. In this introductory paper—which follows the course of the papers included in this special issue—we argue that there are currently four main apprehensions of performance. The first of those apprehensions is provided by the work of Judith Butler on performativity. We then move to a second apprehension—the rather more general notion of performance found in nonrepresentational theory, using as an example the work of Gilles Deleuze. The third apprehension of performance is that taken from work found in the discipline of performance itself. Then, the fourth apprehension concerns the reworking of academic practices as performative.

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