1989 volume 7(1) pages 13 – 26

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Morrill R L, 1989, "Regional governance in the United States: for whom?" Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 7(1) 13 – 26

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Regional governance in the United States: for whom?

R L Morrill

Received 25 August 1986; in revised form 9 September 1987

Abstract. In response to problems of jurisdictional fragmentation in American metropolitan areas, many efforts at regional governance have been undertaken. Few are successful. In most areas, area-wide problems are dealt with by specialized functional entities. The universal avoidance of regional general-purpose governance is analyzed through consideration of the motivations and attitudes of the actors (businesses, governments, citizens) in particular American cities, including Seattle. It is argued that the strongest force against regionalization is the fear of redistribution of real income.

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