1985 volume 3(1) pages 11 – 26

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Kofman E, 1985, "Regional autonomy and the one and indivisible French Republic" Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 3(1) 11 – 26

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Regional autonomy and the one and indivisible French Republic

E Kofman

Abstract. Regional social movements in France had proposed since the 1960s new territorial divisions and autonomy for the regions. The Left in opposition had taken up these demands and has implemented, since coming to power in 1981, a programme of decentralisation to all administrative levels. However, the reforms at the regional level can be seen primarily as an extension of the existing établissement public régional and thus have not satisfied the aspirations and demands of autonomist and separatist movements. This tension between national and regionalist views of decentralisation is then examined in relation to Corsica, the only region to be granted a statut particulier.

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