2009 volume 36(3) pages 522 – 537

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Tang Z, Brody S D, 2009, "Linking planning theories with factors influencing local environmental-plan quality" Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 36(3) 522 – 537

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Linking planning theories with factors influencing local environmental-plan quality

Zhenghong Tang, Samuel D Brody

Received 27 July 2007; in revised form 23 January 2008; published online 23 December 2008

Abstract. The major planning theories provide a theoretical foundation for environmental planning. This study extends the major planning theories and develops a robust conceptual framework to measure the key factors influencing local environmental-plan quality. A random sample of forty Californian local comprehensive land-use plans and associated planning processes is analyzed to identify the critical factors influencing environmental-plan quality. Results from multiple regression analysis indicate that regular updating, environmental-information management and sharing, and planners contribute significantly to local environmental-plan quality. The findings expand established planning theories and practice by suggesting ways to improve local environmental-plan quality.

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