2009 volume 36(3) pages 466 – 486

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Yan J, Thill J-C, 2009, "Visual data mining in spatial interaction analysis with self-organizing maps" Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 36(3) 466 – 486

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Visual data mining in spatial interaction analysis with self-organizing maps

Jun Yan, Jean-Claude Thill

Received 20 February 2007; in revised form 21 November 2007; published online 22 December 2008

Abstract. Given that many spatial interaction (SI) systems are often constituted in large databases with high thematic dimensionality, data complexity reduction tasks are essential. The opportunity exists for researchers to examine the formation of different types of SIs as well as their interdependencies by exploring the patterns embedded in the data. To circumvent the limitations of existing methods of flow data compression and visual exploration, we propose an integrated computational and visual approach, known as VISIDAMIN, for handling both SI data projection and SI data quantization at once. The computational method of self-organizing maps serves as the data mining engine in this process. Using a large domestic air travel dataset as a case study, we examine how the characteristics of the air transport system interact with the SI system to create relationships and structures within the US domestic airline market.

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