1999 volume 26(3) pages 381 – 391

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Edamura T, Tsuchida T, 1999, "Planning support system for an urban environment improvement project" Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 26(3) 381 – 391

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Planning support system for an urban environment improvement project

T Edamura, T Tsuchida

Received 15 April 1998; in revised form 5 October 1998

Abstract. A hundred or more techniques are used for urban environment improvement projects in Japan. The planner must therefore choose the most suitable one for the specific area to be improved. Our system is constructed to support planners who work on complicated problems. It integrates four software programs -- Delphi, ArcView, KBMS-3 (an expert system), and Paradox -- and utilizes a user-friendly unified interface.

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