1984 volume 11(4) pages 377 – 388

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Rivera A, 1984, "Problems in architectural design and topological structures in Thorn's theory" Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 11(4) 377 – 388

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Problems in architectural design and topological structures in Thorn's theory

A Rivera

Received 31 January 1984

Abstract. This work is an examination of the possibility of formalizing local design problems. A translation is proposed of peculiar design notions into mathematical concepts, with particular reference to Thorn's theory, such as: manifolds, dynamical systems, tangent spaces, attractors. Definitions of neighbourhoods and of topological spaces in design theory represent possible means for reaching such a translation. Physical, geometrical, economical variables must be projected onto mathematical spaces and languages, to build a consistent system. The result is a model which aims at representing the qualitative dynamics of the effects of each design choice, and therefore brings us nearer to obtaining consistent parameters for each design problem.

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