1984 volume 11(4) pages 365 – 376

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Maybee J S, Voogd H, 1984, "Qualitative impact analysis through sign-solvability: a review" Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 11(4) 365 – 376

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Qualitative impact analysis through sign-solvability: a review

J S Maybee, H Voogd

Received 23 July 1984; in revised form 22 August 1984

Abstract. Abstract. In this paper some aspects of the theory of qualitative calculus are addressed, namely, those aspects dealing with qualitatively determinate relationships. A review is given of major literature which deals with the problem of determining the direction of change of the endogeneous variables of a model, given the direction of change of the exogenous variables and in addition a knowledge of the signs of the partial derivatives of the corresponding system of equations (sign-solvability problem). In addition, some recent developments are outlined and a number of implementation issues and potential areas of application are briefly discussed.

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