1984 volume 11(2) pages 139 – 147

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Masser I, 1984, "Cross-national research: some methodological considerations" Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 11(2) 139 – 147

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Cross-national research: some methodological considerations

I Masser

Received 8 December 1983; in revised form 21 March 1984

Abstract. A number of questions relating to the design and implementation of research projects in cross-national comparative planning are considered. Given the nature of the subject matter involved, it is argued that the main problems that face analysts in this field arise out of the difficulties experienced in studying phenomena in isolation from their context. Then, possible research strategies that can be adopted to deal with situations of this kind are examined with particular reference to the case-study approach that forms the predominant mode of investigation at the present time. Some implications of this approach are then discussed with reference to the design and implementation of research strategies.

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