1981 volume 8(1) pages 73 – 86

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Johnson J H, 1981, "Some structures and notation of Q-analysis" Environment and Planning B 8(1) 73 – 86

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Some structures and notation of Q-analysis

J H Johnson

Received 19 December 1980

Abstract. This paper is intended to be a short and convenient reference for some of the standard definitions and notation of Q-analysis. Notation is established for relations between sets; simplicial complexes determined by relations; q-connectivity and Q-analysis; the structure vectors and methods of comparing them; antivertices; patterns on a complex; chain complexes and pattern polynomials; the face and coface operators; t-forces; backcloth and traffic on the backcloth; slicing; and strain pairs. The paper contains discussions of structure vector comparisons, the relationship between the structure vectors and the defining relation, and strain pairs. The notation and definitions are consistent with Atkin's standard texts, and the paper is self-contained.

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