2009 volume 41(10) pages 2474 – 2495

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Jones P S, Green A E, 2009, "The quantity and quality of jobs: changes in UK regions, 1997 – 2007" Environment and Planning A 41(10) 2474 – 2495

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The quantity and quality of jobs: changes in UK regions, 1997 – 2007

Paul S Jones, Anne E Green

Received 26 July 2008; in revised form 15 December 2008

Abstract. In debates about employment creation there is increasing concern about the quality as well as the quantity of jobs. The authors examine the regional distribution of workplace employment in the UK using the ‘quality of jobs’ framework. Findings reveal evidence of marked regional differences in average ‘job quality’, with the gap between regions growing over the decade from 1997, and the focus of high-quality job creation biased towards already advantaged regions. There is evidence of increased job polarisation across most UK regions. The analyses suggest an important role of the public sector in providing high-quality jobs, particularly outside London and the South East.

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