2008 volume 40(11) pages 2603 – 2612

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Sheppard E, 2008, "Geographic dialectics?" Environment and Planning A 40(11) 2603 – 2612

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Geographic dialectics?

Eric Sheppard

Received 17 October 2007; in revised form 4 June 2008

Abstract. As radical geography, inflected by Marx, has transformed into critical geography, influenced by poststructuralism and feminism, dialectical reasoning has come under attack from some poststructural geographers. Their construction of dialectics as inconsistent with poststructural thinking, difference, and assemblages is based, however, on a Hegelian conception of the dialectic. This Hegelian imaginary reflects the intellectual history of radical and/or critical anglophone geography. Yet, dialectics can be read in a non-Hegelian, much less totalizing and teleological, and more geographical way. This broader reading opens up space for considering parallels between dialectics, the assemblages of Deleuze and Guattari, and aspects of complexity theory.

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