2006 volume 38(10) pages 1799 – 1817

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Stolarick K, Florida R, 2006, "Creativity, connections and innovation: a study of linkages in the Montréal Region" Environment and Planning A 38(10) 1799 – 1817

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Creativity, connections and innovation: a study of linkages in the Montréal Region

Kevin Stolarick, Richard Florida

Received 1 March 2005; in revised form 1 September 2005

Abstract. The importance of creativity as a driving force in regional economic growth and prosperity has been previously documented; however, the mechanisms of this relationship are less well understood. Earlier research suggests, but does not demonstrate, that high levels of density and creative-class employment create conditions under which innovations generated by the interactions between individuals are more likely to occur. The authors examine the specific interactions among the creative, technical, business, and design communities of the Montréal region. It is demonstrated that such connections are possible and can have a positive impact on the innovative and total business activity across the region. A set of mechanisms through which creativity helps to achieve regional growth and prosperity benefits is demonstrated through specific examples.

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