2001 volume 33(8) pages 1335 – 1369

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Dorling D, Smith G, Noble M, Wright G, Burrows R, Bradshaw J, Joshi H, Pattie C, Mitchell R, Green A E, McCulloch A, 2001, "How much does place matter?" Environment and Planning A 33(8) 1335 – 1369

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How much does place matter?

Danny Dorling, George Smith, Michael Noble, Gemma Wright, Roger Burrows, Jonathan Bradshaw, Heather Joshi, Charles Pattie, Richard Mitchell, Anne E Green, Andrew McCulloch
Anecdote is the singular of data Danny Dorling
Do we care about area effects? George Smith, Michael Noble, Gemma Wright
Evidence-based policy and practice Roger Burrows, Jonathan Bradshaw
Is there a place for area-based initiatives? Heather Joshi
On reinvented wheels Charles Pattie
Multilevel modeling might not be the answer Richard Mitchell
Unemployment, nonemployment, and labour-market disadvantage Anne E Green
Reply: Ward-level deprivation and individual social and economic outcomes in the British Household Panel Study Andrew McCulloch

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