2001 volume 33(1) pages 11 – 26

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Gilchrist D A, Louis L V S, 2001, "An equilibrium analysis of the diversification of regional agriculture" Environment and Planning A 33(1) 11 – 26

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An equilibrium analysis of the diversification of regional agriculture

Donald A Gilchrist, Larry V St. Louis

Received 5 November 1999; in revised form 12 August 2000

Abstract. Regional industrial diversification policies seek to achieve a more stable economy through a 'better' balance among the industries currently active in the region and through the development of new industries. In this paper, we provide a consistent model of regional industrial diversification that explicitly incorporates the regional industrial structure and sources of economic instability, and facilitates the inclusion of data on technologies not currently observable in the region. We illustrate it with an application to a current policy concern: the diversification of agriculture and food processing in Saskatchewan.

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