2001 volume 33(2) pages 297 – 312

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Larner W, 2001, "Governing globalisation: the New Zealand call centre attraction initiative" Environment and Planning A 33(2) 297 – 312

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Governing globalisation: the New Zealand call centre attraction initiative

Wendy Larner

Received 11 April 2000; in revised form 19 September 2000

Abstract. It is well established that globalisation is associated with changing governmental conceptions of economic space. Whereas previously firms, regions, and economic sectors were understood as discrete parts of a national economy, they are now constituted as nodes in global economic flows and networks. However, less attention has been paid to the forms of expertise and knowledge practices through which the global economy has been constituted as the focus of economic governance. Through a case study of the New Zealand Call Centre Attraction Initiative, this paper draws from the governmentality literature to show new forms of economic governance can be conceptual ised as an assemblage of spaces, subjects, strategies, and numbers. It is argued that far from being a 'new reality' globalisation is a governmental process in the making.

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