2001 volume 33(5) pages 901 – 920

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Fotheringham A S, Nakaya T, Yano K, Openshaw S, Ishikawa Y, 2001, "Hierarchical destination choice and spatial interaction modelling: a simulation experiment" Environment and Planning A 33(5) 901 – 920

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Hierarchical destination choice and spatial interaction modelling: a simulation experiment

A Stewart Fotheringham, Tomoki Nakaya, Keiji Yano, Stan Openshaw, Yoshitaka Ishikawa

Received 15 August 2000; in revised form 19 February 2001

Abstract. A simulation experiment is proposed and undertaken to extend our understanding of the role of the competing destinations spatial interaction model in capturing the effects of hierarchical destination choice. In doing so, we make explicit the linkage between spatial choice behaviour at different levels of a spatial hierarchy. We also make explicit the way in which decisions made at one level of the hierarchy can lead to biased measurements of behaviour at a lower one. This is shown when conventional spatial interaction models are calibrated with interaction data that result from hierarchical destination choice.

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