1997 volume 29(8) pages 1367 – 1380

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Luke T W, 1997, "At the end of Nature: cyborgs, 'humachines', and environments in postmodernity" Environment and Planning A 29(8) 1367 – 1380

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At the end of Nature: cyborgs, 'humachines', and environments in postmodernity

T W Luke

Received 2 February 1995; in revised form 3 June 1996

Abstract. In this paper I rethink some of the premises in industrial-era social ontologies by rethinking how hybridized agencies, like cyborgs, actor networks, or humachines, decenter anthropocentric modernist conceptions of 'man and the environment'. By using postmodernist claims that we now operate after 'the end of Nature' or 'the death of Nature', I build this paper from such conceptual hyperbole to explore how cyborg life-forms or humachinic social formations are reshaping the natural and social environments of contemporary fast capitalism on a global scale. These terms of analysis, in turn, could improve our understandings of the built and yet to be built environments in advanced technological economies and societies.

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