1993 volume 25(9) pages 1319 – 1338

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Jefferson C W, Trainor M, 1993, "Public sector employment in regional development" Environment and Planning A 25(9) 1319 – 1338

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Public sector employment in regional development

C W Jefferson, M Trainor

Received 11 November 1992; in revised form 11 March 1993

Abstract. In this paper, the role of public sector employment in regional development is examined, an area which has been neglected in regional science journals and textbooks. The public sector in all regions is large and diverse, and, consequently, changes in national policy may have major and differing implications for regional economies. The national expansion of public sector employment and the debate on its effects on national economies are considered. Trends in UK regional public sector employment are examined, and an attempt is made to formulate the role of such employment within the regional economy. The policy of civil service dispersal from London is examined as an example of how mobile public sector employment can be used to promote operational efficiency and enhance regional and nationaldevelopment

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