1993 volume 25(3) pages 399 – 408

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Keane M J, Griffith B, Dunn J W, 1993, "Regional development and language maintenance" Environment and Planning A 25(3) 399 – 408

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Regional development and language maintenance

M J Keane, B Griffith, J W Dunn

Received 2 April 1992; in revised form 24 July 1992

Abstract. The maintenance of cultural areas is inextricably connected to their ability to survive in economic terms. There is, however, an uneasy relationship between culture and economic development. In this paper, this relationship in an Irish-language-speaking region in the west of Ireland is examined. A model is used to relate measures of language health in census areas to socioeconomic variables and location differences. Some policy and planning issues are discussed in the light of the regression results.

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