1993 volume 25(3) pages 383 – 397

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Goodchild M F, Anselin L, Deichmann U, 1993, "A framework for the areal interpolation of socioeconomic data" Environment and Planning A 25(3) 383 – 397

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A framework for the areal interpolation of socioeconomic data

M F Goodchild, L Anselin, U Deichmann

Received 4 March 1992; in revised form 27 July 1992

Abstract. Spatial data are collected and represented as attributes of spatial objects embedded in a plane. Basis change is defined as the transfer of attributes from one set of objects to another. Methods of basis change for socioeconomic data are reviewed and are seen to differ in the assumptions made in each about underlying density surfaces. These methods are extended to more general cases, and an illustration is provided by using Californian data. The implementation of this framework within a geographical information system is discussed.

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