1993 volume 25(3) pages 339 – 355

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Phipps A G, Anglin P M, 1993, "A rational economic analysis of public-school closings in Saskatoon" Environment and Planning A 25(3) 339 – 355

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A rational economic analysis of public-school closings in Saskatoon

A G Phipps, P M Anglin

Received 22 January 1991; in revised form 3 July 1992

Abstract. The Saskatoon public board closed eleven elementary schools and one high school during the period 1978 - 88. The finding from two economic models is that the school board did not act as a discriminating rational economic decisionmaker in closing two elementary schools located in a case-study neighbourhood. The postponement of the closures resulted in an annual subsidy to the remaining students and their families for an amount eventually equivalent to 40% of the actual savings. The school board thus incorporated noneconomic factors into its decisions in anticipation of the community reactions to a closure.

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