1992 volume 24(11) pages 1585 – 1598

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Williams N J, Twine F E, 1992, "Increasing access or widening choice: the role of resold public-sector dwellings in the housing market" Environment and Planning A 24(11) 1585 – 1598

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Increasing access or widening choice: the role of resold public-sector dwellings in the housing market

N J Williams, F E Twine

Received 30th September 1991; in revised form 11 April 1992

Abstract. British housing policy has, since 1979, been dominated by a shift from collectivist to market-oriented strategies. The single most important element of this policy shift has been the sale of public-sector dwellings to sitting tenants. The patterns of such sales have been well documented, but the longer-term effects on the broader housing market are less well understood. This paper is a report of the results of a research project into the resale by purchasing tenants of Scottish Special Housing Association dwellings over the period 1979 - 90. The findings are placed in the broader context of the general government housing policy aimed at widening the access to owner occupation for lower-income households. The authors conclude that the long-term impact of the sale of public-sector dwellings is more likely to widen choice for existing owners rather than to increase access to owner occupation.

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