1991 volume 23(9) pages 1269 – 1277

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Getis A, 1991, "Spatial interaction and spatial autocorrelation: a cross product approach" Environment and Planning A 23(9) 1269 – 1277

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Spatial interaction and spatial autocorrelation: a cross product approach

A Getis

Received 9 February 1990; in revised form 31 August 1990

Abstract. A cross-product statistic is used to demonstrate that spatial interaction models are a special case of a general model of spatial autocorrelation. A series of traditional measures of spatial autocorrelation is shown to have a cross-product form. Several interaction models are shown to have a similar form. A general spatial statistic is developed which indicates that the relationship between the two types of models is particularly strong when the focus is on measurements from a single point.

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