1988 volume 20(12) pages 1603 – 1621

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Lundberg C G, 1988, "On the structuration of multiactivity task-environments" Environment and Planning A 20(12) 1603 – 1621

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On the structuration of multiactivity task-environments

C G Lundberg

Received 9 February 1988

Abstract. A framework is built to explore the role of knowledge of spatial structure and spatiotemporal constraints on activity scheduling, spatial choice, and mobility. The task-environment is described by means of a simple mental map, and constraints expressed as linguistic variables. A human information-processing framework is employed as a model superstructure. The model integrates (additively) one bottom-up and three top - down impulses. The framework is applied and tested by introducing variations in individual percepts, task-commitment, constraint sets, and sojourn-times. The framework operationalizes the concepts of latent demand and spatial opportunity cost, and some aspects of Giddens's structuration theory.

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