1988 volume 20(8) pages 1085 – 1102

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Baumann J, Fischer M M, Schubert U, 1988, "A choice-theoretical labour-market model: empirical tests at the mesolevel" Environment and Planning A 20(8) 1085 – 1102

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A choice-theoretical labour-market model: empirical tests at the mesolevel

J Baumann, M M Fischer, U Schubert

Received 3 August 1987; in revised form 19 November 1987

Abstract. This paper contains an analysis of a multiregional labour-supply model for Austria. In the approach suggested here attempts are made to combine the advantages of random-utility-based discrete choice theory and partial reduced-form estimation. Two recursive submodels, the labor-force participation submodel, and the commuting and employment submodel, are developed. Three different types of model specifications at the mesolevel are used to analyse the consequences of choosing a spatial framework of overlapping regional labour markets upon the model parameters, to investigate the usefulness of the model approach in relation to different regionalisation variants, and to carry out a sensitivity analysis with respect to the effects of the model parameters used to delineate the labour-market region.

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