1988 volume 20(7) pages 925 – 936

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Campisi D, Bella A L, 1988, "Transportation supply and economic growth in a multiregional system" Environment and Planning A 20(7) 925 – 936

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Transportation supply and economic growth in a multiregional system

D Campisi, A La Bella

Received 6 May 1987

Abstract. This paper is directed to the problem of evaluating the development role of freight transportation in a dynamic multiregional input - output model. Under realistic structures of the technological, trade, and capital matrices, conditions for the existence of a balanced growth solution are given. Optimal investment policies in transportation network are also discussed. The corresponding problem of adding a minimum (weighted) set of transportation links to the graph associated with the model, so as to satisfy feasible connectivity conditions, is then formulated in mathematical programming terms. Upper and lower bounds on the number of links to be added are also set.

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