1988 volume 20(5) pages 681 – 688

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Matthews M H, Airey A, Tacon L, Simpson A, 1988, "The influence of the neighbourhood on teacher characteristics: a case study of Coventry" Environment and Planning A 20(5) 681 – 688

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The influence of the neighbourhood on teacher characteristics: a case study of Coventry

M H Matthews, A Airey, L Tacon, A Simpson

Received 19 January 1987; in revised form 13 May 1987

Abstract. In this paper the influence of the neighbourhood on teacher characteristics is examined, with particular reference to comprehensive schools in Coventry. The focus is upon a consideration of whether the characteristics of teachers in the inner-city and Social Priority Schools differ from their colleagues in schools in suburban locations and of nonpriority status. It was thought that such an approach would provide an assessment of the efficacy of some aspects of existing spatial policies aimed at alleviating educational disadvantage. A sample of 526 teachers drawn from 8 schools participated in the survey. A questionnaire was used to seek information on demographic, educational, experiential, and attitudinal details. The results suggest that the strong relationship between areas and teachers, recognised in a number of studies conducted in the USA, is little evidence in this British case study. Within Coventry there is a lack of interneighbourhood variation in the compositional makeup of teachers. The policy implications of these findings are discussed.

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