1988 volume 20(4) pages 535 – 546

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Williams P A, 1988, "A recursive model of intraurban trip-making" Environment and Planning A 20(4) 535 – 546

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A recursive model of intraurban trip-making

P A Williams

Received 12 December 1986; in revised form 20 May 1987

Abstract. The purpose in this paper is to develop and validate a model of the intraurban trip-making process for households. To this end, a simultaneous equations model, which represents a conceptual model of the process, is calibrated with intraurban-travel survey data. In addition, as the process is found to be hierarchical, a recursive model, which provides both consistent and unbiased estimates of the structural parameters of the model, is calibrated. Household activity, trip frequency, and travel time are each shown to be directly influenced by several exogenous socioeconomic and locational characteristics of the household. Furthermore, frequency of household trips and accrued travel time are shown to be consequences of levels of household activity and of those exogenous variables found to influence this activity.

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