1988 volume 20(2) pages 219 – 230

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Leung Y, 1988, "Interregional equilibrium and fuzzy linear programming: 2" Environment and Planning A 20(2) 219 – 230

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Interregional equilibrium and fuzzy linear programming: 2

Y Leung

Received 27 October 1986; in revised form 27 February 1987

Abstract. Extended on the approach in the first part of this two-part series of papers, multiobjective interregional equilibrium is analyzed within a multiobjective fuzzy linear programming framework. Interregional problems with precise objectives and precise constraints, with fuzzy objectives and precise constraints, and with fuzzy objectives and fuzzy constraints are individually examined. Properties of the equilibrium solution and of the associated dual optimal problem are investigated. The present framework comprises ordinary multiobjective interregional equilibrium problems as a special case. A variety of interregional optimization problems can be effectively solved through the use of fuzzy linear programming, as discussed in this two-part series of papers.

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