1988 volume 20(2) pages 187 – 194

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Clark G L, 1988, "Time, events, and places: reflections on economic analysis" Environment and Planning A 20(2) 187 – 194

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Time, events, and places: reflections on economic analysis

G L Clark

Received 9 February 1987; in revised form 3 April 1987

Abstract. Whereas many economic theorists hold both time and space in abeyance so as to simplify their analytics, economic geographers are beginning to question the utility of these strategies. Three papers which propose alternative conceptions are reviewed, criticized, and compared. It is noted that all three papers place a great deal of emphasis on understanding spatial differentiation; as a process and as a theoretical category. However plausible these conceptions, it is also noted that theorising the role of time in urban and regional economic analysis is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, these papers provide a diverse and interesting beginning point for further research.

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