1987 volume 19(9) pages 1251 – 1260

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Krieger M H, 1987, "Where do centers come from?" Environment and Planning A 19(9) 1251 – 1260

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Where do centers come from?

M H Krieger

Received 2 September 1986

Abstract. A 'center' is a marked place in space or time or in a collection of objects, and surrounding it is a structure or pattern that supports it. The questions that concern us here are: `Why are there centers at all?' 'Why is a center at a particular X ?' Historical and combinatorial processes of centralization are viewed, and a phenomenology and mechanisms are provided. Models considered include: stochastic markets with increasing returns to scale, codes as in DNA, combinatoric processes as in statistical mechanics, and differentiation in biology. Polycenters.

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