1987 volume 19(7) pages 875 – 912

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Scott A J, Angel D P, 1987, "The US semiconductor industry: a locational analysis" Environment and Planning A 19(7) 875 – 912

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The US semiconductor industry: a locational analysis

A J Scott, D P Angel

Received 20 March 1986; in revised form 20 August 1986

Abstract. This paper is a theoretical and empirical analysis of the locational dynamics of the US semiconductor industry. The analysis proceeds in six major stages. First, we review some recent developments in industrial location theory. Second, we describe the main technological and organizational features of the semiconductor industry. Third, we provide an empirical overview of the growth and development of the industry in the USA. Fourth, we examine the internal geography of the Silicon-Valley production complex. Fifth, we carry out a linear discriminant analysis of the geography of the industry in an attempt to distinguish Silicon-Valley establishments from non-Silicon-Valley establishments. Sixth, we look at the organizational/locational relationships between water fabrication and device assembly.

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