1987 volume 19(6) pages 829 – 833

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Eppink T W A, 1987, "Lognormal and Pareto estimates of city-size distributions: a crtique" Environment and Planning A 19(6) 829 – 833

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Lognormal and Pareto estimates of city-size distributions: a crtique

Th W A Eppink

Received 22 May 1986; in revised form 20 June 1986

Abstract. In a recent article in Environment and Planning A, De Cola examined lognormal and Pareto estimates of macroregional city-size distributions for 1970. The results of the calculations made by De Cola are shown to be incorrect. On the basis of this error, the author disagrees with the recommendation that the lognormal distribution be accepted as a standard. The argument that the slope coefficient of the Pareto model should be difficult to interpret is also shown to be erroneous.

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