1982 volume 14(12) pages 1615 – 1632

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Taylor M J, Thrift N J, 1982, "Industrial linkage and the segmented economy: 2. An empirical reinterpretation" Environment and Planning A 14(12) 1615 – 1632

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Industrial linkage and the segmented economy: 2. An empirical reinterpretation

M J Taylor, N J Thrift

Received 8 December 1981, in revised form 5 April 1982

Abstract. This paper, the second of two, is a preliminary attempt to translate a theoretical framework based on the concepts of segmentation and networks of power, as outlined in the first paper, to the establishment level. The data used in the empirical analysis, which are drawn from the West Midlands ironfoundry industry, enable surveyed ironfoundries to be assigned to their appropriate segments. The linkage patterns typical of each of these segments are described and this analysis offers a reinterpretation of previous linkage studies.

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