1982 volume 14(11) pages 1469 – 1478

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Hinojosa R C, Pigozzi B W, 1982, "Estimation of input - output coefficients by means of employment data" Environment and Planning A 14(11) 1469 – 1478

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Estimation of input - output coefficients by means of employment data

R C Hinojosa, B W Pigozzi

Received 26 June 1981, in revised form 14 December 1981

Abstract. A new procedure is presented for estimating input - output tables with limited survey data. Its significance lies in two areas: it demonstrates the efficacy of adjusting biproportionally the Leontief inverse rather than the matrix of technical coefficients and it shows the potential of utilizing independently gathered, less expensive, employment data in the column constraint. This procedure is tested by use of Washington input - output tables; the results compare favorably with conventional RAS adjustments.

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